Slobber Wonder Gel – Nourishing with Ahh factor…….


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We have revamped the previously called Skin & Tonic,

we have given it a makeover and been reformulated and trialled extensively as always.

Soothing ingredients of
Pure Aloe Vera is always a winner, we use Aloe from the inner part of the leaf.
MSM (Methylsufonylmethane) is a form of sulphur from teeny tiny planktons. Known for it’s ability to aid joint and skin health, with a slightly analgesic effect on joints. MSM eats up free radicals and may be calming for skin irritations caused by allergies.
Black Seed Oil is a lovely anti-inflammatory oil can counterbalance histamines and may calm allergies, all whilst repelling ticks and fleas! Black Seed Oil is sometimes used as a flea and tick prevention for dogs with Epilepsy if it suits them.
Comfrey Oil Is often used to relive cramp, joint and muscle aches, it also is great for dry skin conditions and has anti-inflammatory effects.
All the ingredients combined make for a really handy little gel. General stiff joints, dry wounds, cuts, scrapes, itchy bits, healing scars and more.
We always have some to hand and do admit to sharing, shh, don’t tell the dog!

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