Amber Collar Bundles


Amber collar bundles


We have given the most popular sizes, each bundle is different.


Bundle 1: 1x 20 to 25cm/4x 35 to 40cm/2x 40 to 45cm/ 1x 45 to 50cm/ 1x 50 to 55cm/2 55 to 60cm

RRP £225.50

Bundle 2: 1x 20 to 25cm/ 3x 35 to 40cm/ 2x 40 to 45cm/ 2x 45 to 50cm/ 1x 50 to 55cm/ 1x 55 to 60cm

RRP £225.50

Bundle 3: 5x 20t0 30cm/ 4x 35 to40cm/ 1x 40 to 45cm

RRP £207.50

Bundle 4: 4x 35 to40cm/ 2x 40 to45cm/ 1x 45 to50cm/ 3x 55 to 60cm

RRP £231.50


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